Graph to Equation

buy Graph to Equation

Graph to Equation is a lightweight handy tool used to generate equations/functions from graph instantly.

If you are a student or teacher, this app is perfect for your needs to check and validate your equations you made for home works.


buy GOGH

GOGH is a free drawing app for making animated drawings with a single pencil. Safe for kids, all drawings need to be approved by admins before going public.

It's intended to be the high-end platform for people who are willing to share their magical thumbs with the world.

The Holy Quran

buy The Holy Quran

Holy Quran in Arabic with the following features:

> Easy to navigate.
> Rapid and accurate search engine.
> Simple tests.


buy Yafa.me

A platform for collecting articles and videos about Palestinian cities, villages and events.

Anyone can contact me to participate in submitting videos about occupied Palestine.
Also we need contributors to add missing pictures :)


buy phpwin

Turn your device into a web server with PHP 8 support. With phpwin, you can develop, debug and manage PHP files offline without an internet connection.

phpwin is a complete web server environment with PHP including POST/GET, sessions,openssl, libxml, curl, cookies....

Crazy Moments

buy Crazy Moments

Crazy Moments is a recording app for iOS with special effects created to help you deliver your moments fast.
Crazy Moments contains many features such as 80+ visual effects and change effects while recording.

React Native Lab

buy React Native Lab

iOS development environment for React Native. It allows you to create, edit and debug React Native on your iOS device.

React Native Lab comes with tens of features and options to make development easy as possible.

The Holy Bible

buy The Holy Bible

Holy Bible in Arabic with the following features:

> Easy to navigate
> Rapid and accurate search engine
> Simple tests
> Stories

nodejs Lab

buy nodejs Lab

Full-fledged Node.js on iOS.
Develop, debug and manage your nodejs applications without internet connection.

Nodejs Lab also turns your device into a complete standalone web application with nodejs support (very similar to nw.js)

Proximity 3D Classic Board

buy Proximity 3D Classic Board

3D Game created using Cocos2d-ObjC and Cocos3d.

Proximity 3D is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game with a simple but distinctive concept.
Proximity 3D is mentioned by GamesKeys.net, check it out!


Heavily Meditated

buy Heavily Meditated

Say hello to your highest self! Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth meditation app for getting high on life. Get hooked, feel better.

Conversation Starters

buy Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App. It has 134 profound questions designed to encourage meaningful conversations.

Brella Child Care

buy Brella Child Care

Opening in Playa Vista, Los Angeles. Brella is a new model of child care that takes the best of high-quality center-based child care and makes it flexible.


buy #Truthbomb

Daily straight up wisdom from Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions.


buy NTCC

Official mobile app for NTCC.
NTCC is a waste management company that works on garbage collection, street sweeping and recycling.

Daem Maintenance

buy Daem Maintenance

Home maintenance in various specialties and services available on demand through the app. This app is obsolete!

Shift Meditations

buy Shift Meditations

Meditations for real life. Mindfulness through meditation and visualization to lighten up everyday life. Shift Meditations is based on years of coaching and leading meditation.

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